Reduce your administrative workload with custodian banks, focus on your core business

One set of data shared to all your custodian banks.
Updates are done in one click.

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« The alliance is thrilled to join such an innovative project. We see it as a positive help to modernize the image of our industry. »

Nicole Curti – Stanhope Capital – ASWM board member


Instantly share your data to a new custodian bank

In one click, based on the bank needs, share all the necessary information to all your custodian bank.

Notification when actions are required

Be notified before a document reaches its expiry date or if a bank ask for some clarification. The annual review is becoming effortless.

Change of circumstances easy to announce

Update any information shared with all or several custodian banks in on click by updating your EAM set of data.

Frequently asked questions

Wecan Comply is a project initiated, built and managed by banks and external asset managers through a swiss association. The objective is to reduce the compliance workload while improving data quality.

This unique platform allows EAMs to simply share documents and information to multiple custodian banks and allows real time compliance between these financial institutions.

The answer is no. We have built a decentralized platform based on private blockchain infrastructure, where all data are owned by users.

A blockchain is a decentralized technology to securely store data, bring immutability and transparency. We use Hyperledger, a private blockchain for enterprises developed by IBM to enable financial actors to exchange information while retaining ownership of their data.

Compliance data and information exchanged between banks and external asset managers are confidential, which is why a blockchain is the best solution to create an environment of trust for pooling resources, all in a confidential and secure manner.

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